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Social Responsibilities

A mission to serve society - DR. K. N. Modi Foundation is also committed in the field of other social services. Temple - Hospital - Child Welfare - Widow Marriages- Gaushala Guest Houses - Dharamshala Connecting people with religious places.

Inspired by the life and achievements of the late Dr. K. N. Modi, and by the high values of simplicity, humility and philanthropy that he exemplified, the K. N. Modi Foundation is truly an organization with a mission.

Dr. K. N. Modi found in his wife, the respected Smt. Ginni Modi, the perfect foil for his noble endeavours. Herself a person of affectionate nature and great understanding, she supported and encouraged her husband at every step. In this way, both of them together became powerful instruments of social change, addressing issues like child welfare & widow remarriage, opening schools & colleges, building temples & dharamshalas.

The Foundation is a living tribute to their shared vision of a better society. Its many institutions not only bear their names, but also enshrine their ideals of selfless service.

As a leader of Indian industry, Dr. K. N. Modi’s achievements were legendary, yet his contribution to social welfare has been no less. He made his Group among the fastest growing and most technology driven conglomerates of India, yet he remained a true Kriyayogi in letter and spirit, with a heart full of compassion and understanding.

Now in the responsible hands of his son Dr. D. K. Modi, the Foundation is carrying forward this light of caring for others.