Diploma - ME (Production) Engineering


Three year full time degree programme


10th (Science + Math) with 60% marks


Course Fee:
Rs. 106000/- for complete course

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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Objective


  • Mechanical Engineers are the designers of the mechanical, thermal and fluid-flow related aspects of all such systems, including computer and feedback control of complex system.
  • Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance.
  • Mechanical engineering education involves learning how to creatively apply a strong scientific and mathematical basis to the design of safe, reliable, environmentally sound, and cost effective systems. 
  • Mechanical Engineers perform the basic research needed to advance knowledge in the engineering sciences.
  • Mechanical engineering has expanded its applications area through combination with information, electronics, and optics technologies, as well as conducting full research and development on frontier technology of robots.
  • Mechanical Engineers play the main role in the design of all products and systems essential to everyday modern life-from home appliances, sports equipment and motor vehicles, to satellites, wheelchairs, airplanes, robots, solar panels, fuel cells, industrial equipment and environmental control systems.
  • The scope of mechanical engineering refers to the time or duration the student requires to finish the course. The scope for mechanical engineering students refers to excellence after completion of the course.
  • Mechanical engineers also work alongside physicians, therapists, and other medical professionals to investigate the workings of the human body and to design aids and instruments for medicine applications. 
  • The work of mechanical engineers spans a number of different fields and disciplines, with a great deal of the emphasis being on the creation, design, construction, and installation of many of the mechanical devices that make modern life so comfortable.


Mechanical Engineering Functions

Four functions of the mechanical engineer can be cited.

  • Understanding And Dealing With The Bases Of Mechanical Science
  • The Sequence Of Research, Design, And Development. This Function Attempts To Bring About The Changes Necessary To Meet Present And Future Needs
  • To Produce The Maximum Value With The Minimum Investment And Cost While Maintaining Or Enhancing Long Term Viability And Reputation Of The Enterprise
  • The Co-Ordinating Function Of The Mechanical Engineer, Including Management, Consulting, And In Some Cases, Marketing


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Application form can be obtained from: Admission office.

Candidates can also apply online.

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Step 2

Visit college campus or regional offices for completing admission formalities

Step 3

If selected, candidates can deposit the fee through cash/DD at ‘Dr K N Modi Engineering College’ payable at Modinagar or through payment gateways like credit card, Axis bank, Punjab National Bank DD, cash, etc. Within 15 days of the announcement of selection.

1. State Electricity Boards, P.W.Ds & Irrigation Deptt.

2. Planning & Extension

3. a) State Public Works Deptt. (Public Health)

b) Sewerage Boards | c) Pollution Control Board |

4. Indian Railways

5. Civil Aviation

6. N.T.P.C, N.B.C.C, N.H.P.C., Nuclear Power Station, Food Corp. of India, Shipping Corp., Oil & Natural Gas Commission

7. E.M.E. Core defense

8. Central Public Works Department

9. Boarder Roads Organizations

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