B. Tech- Civil Engineering


Four year full time degree programme


12th in PCM with 50% marks


Course Fee:
Rs. 317200/- for complete course

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Civil Engineering Objective


Field Work

Office time is spent on planning, making appointment and meetings. Most of the time, civil Engineers are outdoors at work sites monitoring buildings, running projects and tackling project issues. They are always on the move and what’s exciting is the fact that each project has its own distinct design challenges and operational issues. This makes Civil engineering an exciting profession as projects vary significantly from one another.

Team Work

Engineers work closely with contractors, architects and construction workers on various projects. This interaction brings forth a platform to share knowledge and ideas. Civil Engineers are team players and this paves the way to becoming great leaders within the community.


Civil Engineers combine strong technical competence with creative designing. They take pleasure in establishing creative structures coupled with state of the art technology and architectural flair. Their line of work requires the knowledge of the construction industry, including electrical, plumbing systems and functional workings.


Engineering is an above average line of work and thus comes with a hefty pay check. The rewards are plenty in this line of work. According to Career junction, in 2014, the average salary of a Civil Engineer per month is R35 390. Engineers that are more experienced and work on more critical projects often make more and this also goes for those in management positions, comfortably eclipsing the R 60 000 mark. One way to earn a higher pay is to own your own company.



Engineers use their skills to optimize performance and efficiency of community systems. They also develop water and sewer systems that balance safety standards with delivery of water and sewer processing, which are key functions in city operation and residents’ health and comfort. This makes them central figures in community development. Without their unique talents, communities would not grow and prosper.

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Application form can be obtained from: Admission office.

Candidates can also apply online.

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Step 2

Visit college campus or regional offices for completing admission formalities

Step 3

If selected, candidates can deposit the fee through cash/DD at ‘Dr K N Modi Engineering College’ payable at Modinagar or through payment gateways like credit card, Axis bank, Punjab National Bank DD, cash, etc. Within 15 days of the announcement of selection.

There are many career paths within this field. Specialties include architectural, structural, transportation, traffic, water resources, and geotechnical engineering. Civil engineers may work for state or local governments or in the private sector at consulting or construction firms. Some civil engineers go into supervisory or administrative positions, while others pursue careers in design, construction, or teaching.
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