Quality technical education for students is no more a dream. It’s a reality that has been given shape in the form of Dr. K. N. Modi Engineering College, where, the focus is on holistic development of students.


Keeping this in mind, Personality Development classes are run in the college on regular basis. We understand that in the global scenario today, it is very important to have a well groomed personality along with good technical education, if one aims higher in life; and that’s why we are so particular about it.

We hire experienced and impassioned trainers after scrupulous scrutiny, who, dedicatedly train our students and help them evolve as true professionals and good human beings. To achieve this, students are trained on various aspects of personality because, we understand their world, we understand their needs, and, we understand what they are capable of achieving. Personality Development Program is a step to facilitate all that they aspire to acquire, as professionals.

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