Commensurate with the increasing opportunities thrown open in the recent past and the associated challenges, we at    Dr KNMEC have effected several administrative changes to facilitate collective decision-making, transparency in     dealings and, above all, improved efficiency.. Our strategy is double-edged: to fulfill societal aspirations as well as to   meet the demand of stakeholders. The success of any Education institute lies in transferring bench-scale   technologies to the industry/society. This calls for a paradigm shift in our approach, with emphasis laid on   technologies that can lead to creation of spin-off companies, greater economic impact, and royalty and reduced   environmental footprint.

We have been able to bring about reforms in the curriculum of the undergraduate program in Computer Science,   Electrical, Electronics and Communication, Mechanical and Civil Engineering. The improved curriculum is a step   forward in our mission to keep in tune with the dynamic, changing academic environment. This elite program is   designed to mould our students as effective leaders in competitive global settings.

We now look forward to a spurt in research projects, high impact publications, international patents, and new   partnerships with reputed academic and industrial establishments.

Strong foundation provided to our students in definitive areas of IT and management offer them an edge not only to   face competition but also to provide more viable solutions. Our well structured yet flexible curriculum allow our   students to become competent and meet challenges head-on. We are able to offer the most vital link between   industries, businesses, and government departments.

Ours is an excellent infrastructure spread over 160 acres of greenery and complete with classrooms, laboratories,   hostels, libraries, and sports complex. It provides the perfect ambience for creating a proactive mind and a healthy   body. At Dr KNMEC we are committed to groom human resource to meet today’s challenges and to-morrow’s   opportunities.

Once again I take this opportunity to invite to visit our website and also our campus.