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Placement Programme

Corporate Relations Cell (CRC) 

Objective of Corporate Resource Centre is to “Engender precise bond between industry and academia to facilitate the knowledge sharing and to assist students for attaining right place in corporate world”

The Major Key Responsibility Areas for CRC:

Industry - Academic Interface Program
Guest Talk, Colloquium & Conferences
Pre-Placement talk and final placement
Management Development Programmes (Under CMD's Inclusive Skill Development Initiative)
Pre Placement Mentoring: Resume Building & Interview Preparation

Permanent Placement Program (Pcube)

The Institute has an active and efficient Corporate Resource Centre (CRC) which makes a dedicated attempt to find out gainful employment for its students in reputed organizations of the country.Permanent Placement Programme (Pcube) begins in December and ends in April.


The Process consists of mailing the Placement Brochure containing brief bio-data of students with their photographs and area of specialisation. Prospective employers send their relevant job details such as job description and responsibility, desired qualifications/experience, place of appointment, compensation package etc.

The bio-data of interested students are thereafter forwarded, after which the interview of short-listed or all candidates is conducted by the organisations. So far, our attempts have given us an inspiration as generally every student gets placed through the efforts of the placement cell. On final selection, appointment letters that are completed in all respects are mailed to: Centre for Management Development Modinagar-201204 U.P.

Pre-Placement Talk (PPT)

It is an opportunity for the corporate world to interact and to get better acquainted with their prospective recruits, both for 10 weeks project and final placements. Industry make presentation in which students concerns like Job description, remuneration package, scope for growth, cross-functional exposure are addressed.

Selection Procedure

The selection procedure is carried out as under: Organizations can send their confirmation to the Institute in advance for Permanent Placement Programme (Pcube) .They can also request the Institute for sending resume of the students to them as per their requirement and format specified.

The companies can send a list of candidate to the Institute to whom they would like to interview. All the necessary arrangements are to be made by the Institute to take care of the company's requirements.

Written Tests

As part of the selection procedure, many organisations conduct written tests. All the necessary arrangements are made by the Institute. The companies can conduct these tests during their visit to the campus for pre placement talk.

Summer Placement

All students of CMD are required to undergo a 10 weeks Summer Training, after the completion of first two semester, in Industrial and Business Organizations anywhere in the country as selected by the institute after due consultation with the specific organization. The Centre prefers that an organization puts its students on a specific project which can be finished in 10 weeks. Alternatively, he/she may be placed in a particular department where he/she can gain knowledge of working of all aspects of the department.

Every student is required to prepare a report in triplicate, one each for the organization, the Centre and the student himself/herself. The report is to be used for academic purpose only. If the organization feels that the project report is confidential in nature, the Centre will treat it as such and ensure that it is not kept in the library.

Stipend and Travel Assistance

Organizations normally pay stipend besides paying students return IInd AC train fare between Modinagar and the place of assignment. If a project involves travel, TA/DA is normally reimbursed as per the rules of the organization.